Foodie Friday: Gourmet Shrimp and Grits

I made this dish from my mother's recipe last weekend and it was heavenly. An unexpected combination of ingredients created a beautiful and tasty brunch.

-Cubed panchetta
-Shredded Sharp Cheddar 

1. Cook polenta in a large pot, add olive oil gradually and cheddar cheese. Stir.
2. In a large pan sautee the shrimp with garlic and butter, add panchetta and simmer on low heat. 
3. In a separate pan, fry an egg keeping the yolk slightly runny. 
4. In a bowl, add a scoop of polenta, create a well and add the fried egg, top with shrimp and panchetta with garlic butter sauce, top the dish with chopped tarragon and serve hot.

- O

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