Celebration: Coconut Water Cocktails

Get ahead of your holiday hangover with a coconut water cocktail! The abundance of vitamins, potassium, and hydration from all natural coconut water makes any libation a healthier choice. Create these delicious revamped classics for your next event!

 The Coco-jito (Coconut water mojito)
-All Natural Coconut Water
-10 Mint leaves
-1.5 oz of Rum
-Juice one lime

Muddle mint leaves in a tall glass. Squeeze 2 lime halves into the bottom of the glass. Fill with ice and coconut water. Garnish with mint and enjoy!

Coco Pineapple-tini
-3 oz of Pineapple flavored coconut water
-2 oz vodka
-Slice of pineapple
-Splash of pineapple nectar

Add ingredients to a shaker filled with ice. Shake, strain, and garnish with pineapple slice in a chilled martini glass.

And for the boys... I know my boyfriend would love this.
Scotch on the Rocks
-3-4 oz of coconut water ice cubes
-2 oz of his favorite scotch or whiskey

Add coconut water ice cubes to a short glass. Pour your choice of scotch or whiskey over the ice and enjoy while it melts!

- O 

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