Thirsty Thursday: Soft Serve Fruit Cocktail Smoothies

There's nothing we love more than smoothies in the summer! The Soft Serve Fruit Co. has  come out with cocktail recipes that include their delicious fruit softserve. They have two store locations in NYC and deliver! Make these delicious smoothie cocktails at your next party! 

 Happy Fields
1 oz Lemon infused vodka
1 oz Lime juice
Strawberry Soft Serve Fruit
Splash of soda

Pour over ice and enjoy!
Sweet Ambition
1 oz Ginger liqueur 
Lime Juice
Mango Soft Serve Fruit
Rhubarb Bitters

Pour over ice and enjoy!

Visit the Soft Serve Fruit Co. Website to see menus, and photos of their delicious smoothies, frozen fruit cups, and sundaes!
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