Thirsty Thursdays: The Perfect Mojito

Mojitos are the perfect refreshing summer drink. Make yourself a glass, or make a pitcher to serve to friends. When making a mojito, keeping it simple and fresh is key. 

Fresh Cuban Mint
Club Soda
White Rum
Sugar (or Splenda!)

Make it:
1. Start by cutting your lime in half. Thinly slice up one half of the lime to look like circles and cut the other half into wedges. The slices will be put in the glass as decoration and the wedges will be squeezed and used as a garnish at the end
2. Pluck mint leaves and muddle in a morter and pestle with a splash of club soda and a tea spoon of sugar. Once combined, add mixture to your glass.
3. Squeeze 3 lime wedges into the glass and add your rum(2oz),add ice then fill glass with club soda.
4. Add 2-3 lime slices and stir, garnish with a mint sprig and a lime wedge. 
5. Drink Up! 
made with love and rum. 

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